Money Savers

There are some of my favorite money savers.  I’ll update the list anytime I find something that I like using enough to recommend.

Last updated 3/17/17


Acorns Investment App – Great little app.  If you say, spend $4.50 for a coffee, the app will automatically invest $0.50 cents for you.  It rounds up to the next dollar every purchase you make (you can omit purchase at any time if you want) and you slowly build up a nice little investment account in about as painless a manner as possible.  If you use this link, Free Acorns Signup, you will get $5 for free and so will I.  Can’t beat that!


Ibotta Grocery Rebate App – This app is great for grocery shopping.  You check buy the things you’d normally buy any many local stores and scan in your receipt to get a rebate on any matching items.  I’ve only been using it a month and have already gotten almost $50 in rebates.  If you use this link, Free Ibotta Signup, and get some rebates, you will get a $10 Welcome Reward and I get $5 too.  Way better than clipping coupons!

Checkout51 – Another really good grocery shopping app.  It offers many stores to pick from and I’m sure you’ll find your favorite store in the app.  Like the others you just shop as usual and buy why you normally buy, upload your receipt and they send you money!  Doesn’t get any easier than that!  You can sign up for it here: Checkout51 Signup

MobiSave – A nice little addition to your grocery rebate apps.  While its savings are not as great as some of the others, it does add up and I’ve still managed to save a few dollars here and there.  Not bad for doing nothing other doing my usual shopping!  Try it for free here: Free MobiSave Signup


Tesla – If you ever feel the urge to buy a Tesla, I have a friends and family referral that will save you $1000.  No strings attached, just order from this link and you are set.  Save $1000 on a Tesla

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